Monday, November 21, 2011

Blog #3: Production Notes.

Overall, creating my video project was a good experience. While I have worked with shooting and editing video before, I have never really worked with manipulating audio pieces into a story. Learning how to edit audio was interesting. If I could do things differently, I would alter the way my video portion of the project is arranged. I would try to use less repetitive shots, and possibly longer shots so that it doesn't seem so chaotic. Also, it would have been nice if I had more footage of Grayson playing instruments or playing with his band. If I did, I would have incorporated it a lot more. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the way my project came out, and I think it tells a good story and provides some interesting visuals. Since I have filmed and edited projects before, my view of filmmaking has not changed much, but after I first filmed and edited video, I became more aware and focused on editing. I learned not to take editing for granted. Sometimes editing is so seamless and well done in movies that we hardly notice it, and only until you edit yourself do you realize that in order to get a result like that, many hours are spent making slight changes to small sections of material. Its funny, because after learning about video editing, it is difficult to watch any form of film or video without being conscious of the way it is made.

Monday, September 26, 2011


My soundwalk took place during my 20 minute walk to work in Astoria, Queens. When I first leave my apartment, I hear someone else closing their door. Listening more closely than usual, the sound of my boots walking down the granite stairs seemed louder and more defined. When I got to the buildings foyer I could hear my super shuffling around in the courtyard, organizing the garbage cans. They are metal, and the sound of the top clanking against the can echoes loudly through the courtyard. I continue out the door and I can hear a few birds making noise in the tree in front of my building. Walking towards 31st Ave. I can hear people walking out of their buildings, as well as a woman pushing a cart along the sidewalk. It makes a scraping sound as the wheels sluggishly drag along the rough pavement. I turn on 31st Ave. and the traffic sounds get louder. A few distant honks and then sound of engines running. I can hear a baby crying a few stories up. When I arrive at Stienway Street, a food cart vendor is cooking on his stove. The sizzling of meat and vegetables is loud as I walk by. As I cross Stienway Street I overhear some conversations of people speaking in Spanish. I walk to Newtown Road, and the background noise quiets down a little. There are a lot of trees lining the street and I can hear birds and other small animals scurrying around in them. A motorcycle speeds through an intersection and the buzzing whine of its engine drowns out all other sounds. I hear a radio playing some sort of Arabic music, its muffled and faint. I pass by a high school and people are playing soccer, so I can hear the sound of the ball being kicked and other players shouting. I walk passed the 46th Street R station, and the train passes below me, producing a faint rumble. Finally I arrive at Northern Blvd., and the traffic noises are much louder. The sound of cars passing by at speed dominates. I finally cross and a man on a bike rides by me. I hear the bike chain clicking against the sprocket. When I arrive at work, the sound of the automatic door opening mixes with the chatter of people inside.